I just drooled on myself typing the headline. I wish I was kidding, but I am not. There is drool on my shirt. Now, if I had drooled over any other dish I may have been ashamed, but we’re talking about maple + bacon + brie! How could I be expected not to drool?

Since you are probably in the midst of party season I thought party food would be the most logical maple food item to fill up this space, I am very thoughtful.

I know, I know, I know. You’re thinking GET ON WITH IT! Tell me how to make the maple bacon brie! Ok, I will.

1 Sheet of thawed puff pastry. (you don’t really need the puff pastry, this could be made sans puff pastry but….it’s the holidays and calories don’t count until January 2nd, so just go for it.)
1 8 oz Wheel of brie (Any size, really If you want to use the giant one, that’s up to you and your arteries. You will probably need more puff pastry if you’re going with the giant one though.)
4-6 pieces of crumbled, cooked bacon
1 egg (beat it up real good)
1/4 cup of dark maple syrup
Handful of crushed pecans or hazelnuts (optional)
Crackers (optional)

Put aluminium foil or something non sticky on a baking sheet. I would advise against using a cooking spray
Lay out the puff pastry
Place the wheel of creamy goodness – i mean, brie in the middle of the pastry
Crumble the bacon on top of the brie
Pour the maple syrup on top of the bacon and the brie. Try not to drool on it.
Fold the puff pastry by bringing the four corners together in the middle and make a seal. Using a fork helps to press the corners together into a seal.
STOP what you are doing and remember to preheat the oven, set it to 375 degrees.
Use that beaten up egg to “wash” the outside the puff pastry. Just brush the egg on, there should be some egg leftover. (This step isn’t necessary for taste, but style. If you want it to look pretty and gold then you should probably do this. If you are just going to binge eat the MBB don’t bother)
Bake your Maple Bacon Brie for 15-20 minutes until the outside is gold and brown.
Let it sit. For the love of god, let it sit. It is really hot inside that puff pastry pillow of yum.
Here’s where you can add the optional pecans, walnuts or hazlenuts on top. You can even drizzle a little more maple syrup

EAT it. Serve it at your party, watch people go banana pants crazy for it.
You’re welcome

Oh, and thanks Larry Hoffman and Andy Ciordia for the pictures.

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