I woke up on New Years Day sick as a dog. I don’t mean the: daintily-sneeze-and-look-somewhat-ill… I mean the: My-face-is-trying-to-fall -off-of-my-face-dear-god-how-many-times-can-a-person-sneeze kind of head cold sick.

Last night I realized that all I wanted was for someone to make me some maple oatmeal cookies. I sure as hell am not going to be the one making them, I can’t be away from kleenex long enough to make them – I just really wanted someone to make them for me.

Unfortunately for me, no one is going to do that. I don’t want Robert to do it because god knows what kind of cookies we would end up with and no one else is around.

I decided I should post the recipe and maybe one of you will make them and send them to me. Or at very least maybe you’ll make them and tell me how awesome they were.

½ C shortening
1 ½ C all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt ( I do not use)
1 C maple syrup Darker the better
½ C Milk
1 egg beaten

**the last three ingredients
1 ½ C oatmeal
½ C raisins
½ C chopped nuts.  ( I use Cranberries as I have a child with nut allergy in my home)

oven to 375
Grease Cookie Sheet
Combine the first seven ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well.
Add in the last three ingredients and mix well again. To be honest I am not really sure why you don’t just put all of the ingredients together to begin with, but this is what the recipe I have says to do.
With a tablespoon (or your hands, unless your precious and don’t like getting your hands covered in cookie dough) to drop balls of cookie dough onto the greased cookie sheet should be about 2 dozen cookies
Bake at 375 for 1oish minutes or until they are golden brown on top
Let them cool and then remove from sheet and eat



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